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Where to Recruit & How to Retain Highly Engaged Patients.

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  • How to use mobile retention technology to keep patients engaged

Make your trial a success with our unparalleled recruitment strategies:


Real, engaged patients
actively seeking treatment

Custom Study Websites

Within the leading
online health community

Content Development
and Study Branding

Top-notch quality that
helps your trial stand out


Reach millions of patients and caregivers who are actively seeking treatment.

My MD and Me

Reach patients with emails from their own doctors!
Target by condition, demographics, and more.

Physician and Pharmacy Access

Access to over 575,000 physician waiting rooms
and pharmacies with hyper-targeted publications.

Recruitment & Retention Expertise

  • 20+ years of patient recruitment and retention experience
  • Country-level customization
  • Experience in over 100 countries
  • Strategic site selection
  • Study materials translated into more than 100 languages
  • Extensive project management capabilities with over 4,000 active protocols under management
  • Supported studies for more than 40 indications

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